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electric power saver save up to 35% of your electric bill

How to make power saver, do it yourself electric power saver

Wouldn't you like to know how to make power saving device ?
Many people looking for a text book or schematic to build up power saver, unfortunately there is no such text book or electronic circuit available in the market.
    Here at Boondee the only place turn your dream come true. Boondee knowhow ! enable you to make power saver under your own brand name and sell it in your local market. Buy our 8 years experience and you can once do it yourself within 15 days. Self learning with package of Boondee Technology Transfer;

    Comprised of;
    1. Instruction to build your own power saver
    2. Schematic diagram Single phase 2 wires, Single phase 3 wires (110/220VAC), 3 phase 4 wires, 3 phase 3 wires for power saver 500 kw, 1000kw, 2000kw, 3000kw, 4000kw, 6000kw
    3. Electronic components & accessories to build one unit sample
    4. Testing procedure

      Some basic experience of electricity will be advantage but not neccessity. Time of learning by doing about 15-20 days, depending on how fast you can learn.

    Tools and equipment you need to have, the plan does not include the followings;
    • Soldering gun
    • Electric Driller and grinding tools
    • Digital C meter
    • Digital cramp amp meter
    • Multimeter (analogue)

    How much space require to set up production for commercial ?
      You can produce the power saver in your workshop, or in your working room. Area should be about 20 sqm

    Howmany types of power saver I can make ?
      After you completed your lesson, you will be able to make power saver for household use, medium size, and large size for industries, entire building. You will know how to make the device to apply for Single phase 2 wires, Single phase 3 wires and 3 phase 4 wires in different watts load as much as you want.

    Can i build and distribute as a commercial ?
      You can build and distribute as a commercial under your own brand name in your territory or limit to one state if you resided in United States. You are not allow to use our "BOONDEE" as a trade mark on the device you made.

    Where can i buy the electronic components or do I have to buy from you ?
      We will provide the component lists so you can outsource in your local supplier or you can buy from us. Most of the components is easy to find.

    Howmuch is your technology transfer ?
      Please email us and let us know your shipping address, so that we could able to quote you the price with shipping charge.

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