Boondee Electronic Ants Repeller ™ Thailand

Boondee Electric Ant Repellent ™
Boondee Electronic Ants Repeller ™
No noise, no ultrasonic. This is not a noise or ultrasonic repellent.
This is not a high frequency generator
Boondee electronic ants repeller Boondee electronic ants repellent installation
Boondee electronic ants repeller install Boondee electronic ants repellent install
Technical parameter
Product name: Boondee Electronic Ants Repeller ™
Model/Version model 5500 V 5.1
Voltage: 110VAC-220VAC, 50Hz
Watt 0.5 Watt
Technology Wave disperse through antenna plate
to break the connection of communication
between the molecule of sweet smelling,
food, oily foods and among ants.
Dimension: L x W x H : 24 x 17 x 6 cm
Net weight: 800 gram
Delivery Door to door by UPS, FedEx, EMS, Normal Post mail
Country of Origin Thailand
License owner Invented by Supa Boondee Shop
Price ? for wholesale minimum order 10 units Please Contact Us
Warranty 2 years warranty from the date of purchased.
Money back guarantee if you still see ants around you !!!!
Result After applied Boondee Ants repeller
you will see the result within 1 hour.

You can apply 3 antenna plate for three tables by using only one repeller device.
The distance from antenna plate to device should not exceed 25 cm
Price US$ 160/unit included shipping for Asia region
Price US$ 190/unit included shipping for U.S., Canada and Europe region
Retail price for other region ?If you are not in the above region please contact us for shipping charge.
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Has your house ever been invaded by ants? Ant colonies are everywhere, and their scouts are always out looking for food sources. Once they find a food source, the scouts carry food back to the nest, leaving behind a chemical trail of pheromones that other ants can follow to find the food. The pheromones are volatile chemicals that evaporate over time. However, as more ants travel to and from the food source, the pheromone trail becomes more and more concentrated. Soon there is a heavy trail of workers passing back and forth between the nest and the food.

Once this happens, it can be hard to get rid of the ants. You can kill the ants and clean up the trail, but soon more scouts come exploring, starting the process all over again. Is there a way to discourage the scouts without using toxic pesticides that may be harmful to human health and the environment?
Boondee Electronic Ants Repeller

Electronic ants repellent is a chemically free alternative to general pest control. Because electronic ants repellent doesn't use chemicals it is safe for your family and pets. Instead of killing the ants, the electronic ants repellent is designed to emit the signal through antenna in order to break the communication between the sweet smelling food and oily foods. Thus the ants found no food, it leave away. With electronic ants repellent, there are no messy traps poisons or other potentially harmful substances. The electronic ants repellent is an environmentally product.

If you are looking for the best electronic ants repellent, please consider BOONDEE ELECTRONIC ANTS REPELLER ™ the new invention of Boondee.

Most of the other electronic insect repellent products available utilize only ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic technology. These technology is to drive out the pests while Boondee Repeller break the ants communication through antenna.
About Ants

Ants have been living on the Earth for more than 100 million years and can be found almost anywhere on the planet. It is estimated that there are about 20,000 different species of ants. For this reason ants have been called Earth's most successful species.

Ants build many different types of homes. Many ants build simple little mounds out of dirt or sand. Other ants use small sticks mixed with dirt and sand to make a stronger mound that offers protection from rain. Western Harvester ants make a small mound on top, but then tunnel up to 15 feet straight down to hibernate during winter. Ant mounds consist of many chambers connected by tunnels. Different chambers are used for nurseries, food storage, and resting places for the worker ants. Some ants live in wood like termites. Army ants don't make a home at all but travel in large groups searching for food.

Sociology: Ants are social insects, which means they live in large colonies or groups. Some colonies consist of millions of ants. There are three types of ants in each species, the queen, the sterile female workers, and males. The male ants only serve one purpose, to mate with future queen ants and do not live very long. The queen grows to adulthood, mates, and then spends the rest of her life laying eggs. A colony may have only one queen, or there may be many queens depending on the species. Ants go through four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

Anatomy: Ants have three main parts. The head, the trunk(middle section), and the rear or metasoma. All six legs are attached to the trunk. The head consists of the jaws, eyes, and antennae. The eyes of ants are made up of many lenses enabling them to see movement very well. The antennae are special organs of smell, touch, taste, and hearing. The metasoma contains the stomach and rectum. Many species of ants have poison sacks and/or stingers in the end of the metasoma for defense against their many predators.

Organs: Ants do not have lungs. Oxygen enters through tiny holes all over the body and Carbon Dioxide leaves through the same holes. There are no blood vessels. The heart is a long tube that pumps colorless blood from the head back to the rear and then back up to the head again. The blood kind of coats the insides of the ants and is then sucked into the tube and pumped up to the head again. The nervous system of ants consists of a long nerve cord that also runs from head to rear with branches leading to the parts of the body, kind of like a human spinal cord.

Communication: If you watch ants for any length of time you will see that they really do communicate with each other and very effectively too. Ants communicate by touching each other with their antennae. Ants also use chemicals called pheromones to leave scent trails for other ants to follow.

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