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Boondee electronic ants repeller ™, ant repellent, pest, insect

Boondee ™ XVA Free electricity device | Rotating display, store displays, spinner display
Boondee U508 © Batteries charger for non-rechargeable dry cell batteries; Alkaline, Zinc Chloride batteries
Automatic watering system, programmable watering machine | plasma cutting machine. Welding machine
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UPS Uninterruptible power supply, UPS | CBC-1237 External battery for cell phones, mobile phones. | AM radio receiver
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NEW ! SUPA Electric vehicle - Electric car hadicraft made of wood by Supa Boondee Workshop
more details click here

NEW ! Boondee Wireless Electricity
wireless electricityGet rid of electrical wire and use wireless electricity. Boondee successfull experiment in sending electricity through the air and power electrical appliance. Two major parts are ... more details click here

Automatic plant watering systems
home garden watering machine home garden watering machineHome gardening, My watering machine.
Self watering machine while you are not at home for weeks or months. You can set up the program to watering your plants at anytime, anyday and any amount of water. Your plants will have enough water to survive during you are not at home. The best sellers for home gardening product today. ..more

Boondee Electronic Ants Repeller ™
electronic ants repeller
Boondee electronic ants repeller, free of chemical, safe for your family and pets, the machine does not kill ants, it emitting signal through antenna to break the communication between ants and molecule of sweet smelling food and oily foods. When place this device to the ants area, the ants will leave away. more..

Boondee Wind Turbine Free Electricity ™
Savonius wind turbine
Boondee wind turbine (VAWT) more..

Boondee Variable speed wood lathe machine ™
variable speed wood lathe machine
Boondee wood lathe more..

Boondee Rotating Display ™
rotating display
Boondee Rotating Display more..

NEW ! Boondee EPS ™ Emergency Power Supply
emergency power supplyNo more worry when your electricity shutdown. Boondee EPS 5000 can help you. EPS 5000 is for Single phase 2 wires, 220-250 Volt AC, 60Hz. For the loads upto 5000 watts.
Boondee EPS more..

Boondee LED moving sign board, LED message board
LED moving sign board We have many size, color, display effect, language, prices..
click here for more details..

Boondee UPS Uninterruptible power supply
New Boondee UPS Uninterruptible power supply at least 9 hours operation continuously. 1500 watts, 220 VAC, 50 Hz. Good for computer, server, CCTV etc. New invention of Boondee Workshop Coming Soon.. click here

Special price for the following countries;
Replaced United Kingdom to Cambodia
European Union
U.A.E. United Arab Emirates

Boondee anti Japan hunting whales. We agree with Sea Shepherd activity to protect whales from the ocean.

WARNING ! Do not hire Jet skies in Thailand - Knife used in them?” Knife used in Pattaya Jetski Scam - Irish Tourist’s Life Threatened Read more at ThaiVisa
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